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Here are a number of documents and links to Internet sites which contain information and/or other links related to ACCE Reference Materials. Please read our disclaimer.
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PDFCan you afford not to take action? (274 kb, 5/1/2014)
PDF2014 Student Paper Competition (Winner): Katherine Chan, Mitigating Risks Associated with Secondary Infusions: An Empirical Evaluation of a Technology-based, Training-based, and Practice-based Intervention (1.86 mb, 2/21/2014)
PDF2014 Student Paper Competition (2nd Place tie): Christine Vogel, Procedures for Testing and Troubleshooting Radianse RTLS (89 kb, 2/20/2014)
PDF2014 Student Paper Competition (2nd Place tie): Michelle Hanbidge, Improving Patient Safety through Incident Reporting and Learning in Health Care (276 kb, 2/19/2014)
PDFVHA Patient Safety Assessment Tool (PSAT) (294 Kb, 10/18/2013)*
PDFListing of nearly 200 BME/BMET programs (type of degrees and contact information) in the United States of America. Prepared by the University of Vermont (685 Kb, 6/28/2013)
PDFThe American College of Clinical Engineering (206 Kb, 4/18/2013)
PDFClinical Engineering and Information Technology (236 kb, 3/2/2013)
PDFWhat's a Clinical Engineer (240 kb, 3/2/2013)
PDFNew Maintenance Requirements From CMS (Matthew Baretich) (3.3 mb, 11/3/2012)*
PDFClarification of Hospital Equipment Maintenance Requirements (attachment to New Maintenance Requirements From CMS by Matthew Baretich) (477 kb, 11/2/2012)*
PDFCMS Revised Equipment Maintenance Requirements-An Update (Binseng Wang) (505 kb, 10/28/2012)*
PDFProposed CMS Requirements to Follow OEM Guideline for Medical Equipment Maintenance (Grimes, S.L.) (1.1 mb, 10/28/2012)*
PDFHealthcare Technology Challenges 2020: Defining a Framework for Success (Grimes, SL). JHIM (Volume 26, Issue Number 3/Summer 2012) (218 kb, 7/26/2012)*
PDFClinical Engineering Domains & Related Roles by Steve Grimes (Feb 2012) (937 kb, 7/15/2012)
PDF2011 Summit Clinical Alarms (1.6 mb, 7/14/2012)
PDFA Guide to Clinical Engineering Certification (241 kb, 5/23/2012)
PDF2012 Student Paper Competition (Winner): Elena Simoncini, Combating Hospital Noise and False Alarms through Clinical Engineering and Nursing Collaboration (889 kb, 3/29/2012)
PDF2012 Student Paper Competition (2nd Place): Christopher Colvin, An Exploratory Study of the Fundamental Characteristics Influencing the Analysis and Communication Activities of Health Care Incident Reposting Systems (5.9 mb, 3/28/2012)
PDF2012 Student Paper Competition (3rd Place tie): Jonathan Riscica, Root Cause Analysis of a GI Clinic Procedure at UMass Memorial Medical Center (889 kb, 3/27/2012)
PDF2012 Student Paper Competition (3rd Place tie): Helen Cheong, Failure Mode Effects Analysis of EMR Integration of Fetal Monitoring (944 kb, 3/27/2012)
PDF2011 Student Paper Competiton (Winner): Pratyusha Mattegunta, Medical Device Integration of Neurodiagnostic Equipment with Hospital EMR/HIS (678 kb, 3/9/2011)
PDF2011 Student Paper Competition (2nd Place): Allie Paquette, Video Integration and Procedure Room Design Planning (197 kb, 3/8/2011)
PDF2011 Student Paper Competition (3rd Place): Sharareh Taghipour, Prioritization of Medical Equipment for Maintenance Decisions (252 kb, 3/8/2011)
PDF2010 Student Paper Competition (Winner): Sharareh Taghipour, Reliability Analysis of Maintenance Data for Medical Devices (372 kb, 3/6/2010)
PDF2010 Student Paper Competition (Runner-up): Wallace Wee, Methodology for visualization and perfusion analysis of 4D dynamic contrast-enhanced CT imaging (252 kb, 3/5/2010)
PDF2009 Student Paper Competition (Runner-up): Kenneth M. Alfano, A Red Blood Cell Fragility Meter for Facilitating Blood Triage (246 kb, 5/11/2009)
PDF2009 Student Paper Competition (Winner): Engineering an HL7 Interface and Wireless Infrastructure to Improve the Efficiency of ECG Analysis at Hartford Hospital (154 kb, 5/10/2009)
PDF2008 Student Paper Competition: Jayesh Malik, Steady State Visual Evoked Potential Based Thought Translation Device (147 kb, 4/5/2008)
PDF2008 Student Paper Competition: Anthony Angelo, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis of the Alaris Medley Infusion System (90 kb, 4/5/2008)
PDF2008 Student Paper Competition: Raquel Lopez, Usability of a Diabetes Telemanagement System (156 kb, 4/5/2008)
PowerPoint PresentationWomen Engineers And Technicians In The Field Of Clinical And Biomedical Engineering (477 Kb, 6/28/2006)
PDFIncorporating Human Factors Engineering into Clinical Engineering Practice (teleconference mat'l) (423 Kb, 6/15/2006)
WebpageACCE and ECRI HIPAA CD-ROM (4/21/2005)

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